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Agricultural fuel, tax breaks for those who work in the countryside


In Italy, as every year on June 30th, the terms to be able to benefit from the tax relief on the purchase of agricultural fuel made in the previous year will expire.
The initiative, intended for agricultural motor users, provides for state economic aid focused on fuels used in agriculture by farms, agricultural cooperatives, farms of public institutions, enhancement and irrigation consortia and agro-mechanical companies in order to power the machinery used to carry out agricultural activities.
To access the benefits, the beneficiaries must be registered in the business register of the Chambers of Commerce, in the relative register of agricultural companies, and submit the request to the competent offices of the Regions, or to the agricultural professional organizations. The deadline, as mentioned, is June 30th.
This measure of administrative simplification, inserted in the context of the anti-Covid measures, has made it possible to automatically dispense a maximum of 50% of the amount of fuel withdrawn last year, without the obligation to submit the request.
Agricultural fuels are diesel and petrol with reduced rates of excise duty and VAT and have a different color to distinguish them from those for automotive vehicles.
Those who work in the agricultural sector are well aware of the need to store and transport agricultural fuel and to meet this need Emiliana Serbatoi offers a wide range of products to "support" the machinery used in the fields and for cultivations.
Such machines as tractors or combine harvesters in fact can be comfortably refueled by fuel storage tanks installed on the farms, such as the range of Tank Fuel, that are dispensing tanks approved for storage and dispensing of diesel fuel with 110% containment basin and capacities ranging from 490 to 9 thousand liters.
Emiliana Serbatoi has also launched, for those who need to handle fuel safely, different types of transportable tanks that can be used in work fields to avoid the risk of running out of fuel: for example the Carrytank polyethylene line, which ranges from 220 liters to the new combined 900 + 100 liters (diesel and Adblue®), without forgetting the intermediate models of 330, 440 and 400 + 50 liters; but also the Traspo steel line (from 250 to 910 liters) and Hippotank (in polyethylene, 960 liters).
Furthermore, to combat the phenomenon of fuel theft, it is possible to install level probes or fleet management systems on the tanks, such as the Emilprobe level probe, which is able to signal potential diesel fuel shortages.
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