Agritechnica and new fuels


Agritechnica represents for 2023 an unmissable event for all sector: the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery.
This year edition is focused on green productivity: growing awareness in environmental protection by reducing crop production intensivity.

From 12th to 18th November, in Hannover Fairground approximately 400,000 sqm, more than 2,700 exhibitors are expected,  from 53 countries!
An important litmus test for economic background, not only in Germany but in the whole Europe: in a widespread crisis, agriculture keeps buzzing thanks to an innovative boost.

Particularly relevant will be automated guided vehicles (AGV), solutions aimed at replacing standard fuels: solar energy, electric batteries and natural gas, together with more and more proposals about new generation fuels.

In this sense, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel is gaining increasing momentum on the market: a biofuel obtained from the hydrogenation of vegetable fats. This fuel is similar to diesel which can be produced without the exploitation of fossil resources, but through the processing of renewable waste lipids (such as vegetable oil, tallow or used cooking oil, all of which consist of paraffinic hydrocarbons).
HVO fuel has similar chemical and physical properties to diesel fuel, however, its fossil-free composition and low carbon content differentiate it from diesel and make it attractive to those looking for a sustainable fuel option. A panorama of options that all point in one direction: environmental protection.

For this reason, Agritechnica represents a perfect event to touch on issues also linked to environmental sustainability.
In fact, Emiliana Serbatoi has chosen this occasion to officially communicate the already confirmed compatibility of its products with HVO fuel: the guarantee of quality and the focus on sustainability.
With all the leading products and the latest news, Emiliana Serbatoi awaits visitors in pavilion 2, Stand C46: fixed and transportable tanks, a line dedicated to AdBlue®, fuel management and level monitoring software and eco-friendly solutions .
It's a challenge to keep up with the times, but the Emiliana Serbatoi staff works constantly to do so.
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