Biodiesel, Emiliana Serbatoi launches a range for “green” fuel


With Emiliana Serbatoi’s storage tanks and systems you can also refuel with Biodiesel, the environmentally friendly “green” fuel. The “made in Italy” range of tanks specifically designed for the innovative fuel obtained from renewable sources, in its many blends, including the more aggressive B100, is coming to international markets. It can be stored, handled and dispensed safely with fixed and transportable tanks suitable for all industrial sectors.

The “Biodiesel Project”, which marks another important step forward towards the ever-growing sustainability embarked upon by the Italian company in recent years, has been developed, as always, in response to customer demands, which are emphasising the continuously increasing use of this “green” fuel that significantly reduces atmospheric emissions from vehicle engines.

With an approach that focuses on the environment and on the future, in the wake of ecological transition, Emiliana Serbatoi’s R&D department has developed a Biodiesel version of the main products in its catalogue, such as the Emilcaddy® and Carrytank® lines of transportable polyethylene tanks and the Traspo® line of transportable steel tanks: different solutions that can hold between 55 and 1000 litres of fuel. Even the steel fuel storage tanks, such as the Tank Fuel line, with capacities of up to several tens of thousands of litres, are also available in the Biodiesel model. In all cases, the different tank materials are perfectly suited to hold this liquid.

Naturally, the delivery units on the tanks are specifically designed to dispense “green” fuel. As with products for standard fuels, these include self-priming vane pumping systems with a flow rate of up to 100 litres per minute, manual and automatic nozzles, mechanical and electronic fuel meters and portable transfer units suitable for Biodiesel, including the B100 version. The pumps, in particular, are built to operate efficiently and safely with the various biogenic fuels and blends on the market, therefore linked to the percentage of Biodiesel in the liquid, confirming the reliability that marks Emiliana Serbatoi’s range.

With this new project, the company reaffirms its focus on sustainability, which contributes to its leading role in the production of tanks and systems for storing, transporting and dispensing fuel, as well as for refuelling control and management systems.
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