Blue Economy: Italian assets


Summer 2023 was absolutely hot and a relief from the heat was unavoidable. This is just one of the reasons why Italians are looking for a more nautical tourism.
In the last few years, many were the options offered to get a wider audience closer to the seaside: more attention to environmental themes, less expensive rates and one day solutions in order to experience the best from the sea.
Italy, in fact, has a huge shoreline: about 8600 km with more than 160.000 berths. For boosting this sector, regions and Ministry of Tourism subscribed a project for nautical tourism promotion: “Italy by the sea – Discover where I take you” and now it is bearing fruits.
Marine routes and trips were suggested as a new way to discover historical, cultural, naturalistic and gourmet heritage of Italy. To have a growth in this sector is fundamental, since it represents a great trigger for production and export.
Together with this tourism enhancement, a project was launched that involves European Commission and which focuses on environment. It aims at promoting marine sector as positive example of durability, renewability and reuse: investments in SME and start-up directly linked with blue economy. Italy is the third biggest sea-economy in Europe, since for each euro of production, it generates almost double on national production system.
A process can only work in combination with different entities and which aims at having positive results on our planet, thanks to all people involved in blue-economy.
This sector is consistently growing and blooming since all industry professionals are provided with the best equipment and facilities.

Emiliana Serbatoi works following this principle, offering its solutions for marine sector at the 63rd International Boat Show.
From 21st to 26th September, in Power Village Area, booth YPA15 Emiliana Serbatoi brings on stage all the products dedicated to blue world.
With the highest qualitative standards, environment and regulations in force are never left aside.

Plastic and stainless steel tanks, together with customised solutions are provided for small and bigger berths.
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