Transportable tank Carrytank® 900+100, fuel profitability guaranteed


Transportable tank Carrytank® 900+100, fuel profitability guaranteed
An accurate survey of agricultural machinery international market led to the recent birth of Carrytank® 900+100, an innovative solution by Emiliana Serbatoi that stores Diesel and AdBlue® into two separate containers (900 and 100 litres respectively) within a single and stand-alone tank. In particular, in recent years, the production of agriculture and earthmoving machinery has evolved to more efficient and less polluting machines: higher power, productivity and consumption combined with the reduction of CO2 emissions using AdBlue®-based technology. Especially, it has been noticed that machines with a power of more than 150kW are equipped with internal tanks with a capacity of more than 500 litres for diesel tank and more than 50 litres for AdBlue® one.
This consideration has led Emiliana Serbatoi towards a combined tank of greater dimensions than existing models, suitable for fuel volumes managed by new generation vehicles. The solution is represented by Carrytank® 900+100, a bigger, resistant, efficient and flexible tank with no equal in the market, an ideal tool to guarantee 24/7 operation for on-site machines. This new model has been launched in November 2020, on the occasion of Eima digital version, the international trade fair for agricultural machinery.

The innovation of Carrytank® 900+100, a compact and safe product, is “hidden” inside: two combined tanks (Diesel and AdBlue) designed and tested according to the principles of 4.0 industry to resist the pressure created by the maximum amount of fuel contained. Thanks to its design, in the product, made in polyethylene and equipped with two fuel dispensing units, has reached the solidity necessary to pass all tests to which it has been submitted (resistance to impact, breakages, pressure, low temperatures and UV rays). At the same time, in order to obtain the required certifications to comply with international standards, the tank passed a considerable number of tests, made with parameters higher than the minimum values required by the law. This gives to the tank greater safety margins, a business policy which has led Emiliana Serbatoi to 38-years of successes and awards in international markets.
From a technical point of view, Carrytank® 900+100 has obtained the international labelling UN (United Nations) and complies with the following international norms:
- Adr for the transport on road;
- Rid for the transport on rail;
- Adn for the transport on inland waters;
- Imdg for the transport in seas and oceans.

Last but not least, despite being a tank intended mainly for fuel transport, Emiliana Serbatoi R&D dept. focused also on logistics, with the aim of making its handling faster and more efficient. For this reason, the product, in addition to the forklift pockets, is equipped with 4 lugs for lifting from the top, allowing also to stack tanks during storage at full load.

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