CarryTank 900+100: preview at a Eima Digital Edition


Carrytank 900+100 is born

Carrytank 900+100 is born


The italian company, market leader in the production of tanks and services for the transport and storage of fuels, participates at Eima since its scheduled digital preview from 11th to 15th November 2020. The digital preview of the event is the ideal opportunity for the company to present the tank that combines diesel and Urea-based solutions.

Emiliana Serbatoi, which has always been guided by its ability to innovate and create concrete solutions in response to market needs, participates as protagonist at Eima Digital Preview and seizes the business opportunities.
Eima Digital Preview, the international event for the world of agricultural machinery, fully digital in this 2020 version, which acts as a link to the fair in presence of 2021, is in fact an opportunity to present industry news and, thanks to the conference room, it gives to the operators the possibility to meet and create new business occasions. Like those offered by the italian company, which has always been close to its customers around the world, it has never stopped its activities and it has been able to give further impulse to the internal Research&development department.

Eima’s digital platform, reachable from all over the world, is perfectly coherent with the innovative spirit of the company which has chosen to focus on this event to launch in world preview the results of Reasearch&development work: Carrytank 900+100 is the most performing tank on the market now, produced completely in polyethylene, capable of storing and transporting safely up to 900 litres of fuel and 100 litres of AdBlue. ADR/RID/ADN and IMDG approved for fuel transport and with Patent Pending, the innovation of Carrytank® 900+100 is “hidden” inside: two combined tanks (fuel and AdBlue) designed and tested to resist the pressure created by the maximum amount of fuel contained. Since it is a tank intended for the transport, the design research has also focused on logistics, with the aim of making its handling even faster and more efficient. For this reason, the tank, in addition to the already known forklift pockets, is equipped with 4 rings for lifting at full load from above, allowing to superimpose the storage tanks.

PLUS of CARRYTANK® 900+100:
Resistant to impact and breakage
Resistant to pressure
Resistant to low temperatures
Uv rays resistant
Ease of transport
Superimposable at full load in storage
Two tanks in one

The new highlighted product (available on the market on the next weeks) is accompanied by a selection of other innovations that have allowed the company to become a reference point in the sector: Tank Fuel, the metal tank for the storage and refuelling of fuel and Emiltouch, the monitoring and management system, also entirely designed and developed by the company’s Research&Development team.

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