Drought challenge: set-up the storage of drinking and rain water


Lower snow accumulation is one of the main causes of the drought wave Italy is passing through.
1 billion cubic metres are missing in our Alps: it is a great hint for a possible revival for 2022 water crisis.
Coldiretti association confirms that average rainfall level is 30% lower than last year: this situation becomes even more serious due to decrease in the filling of the lakes.
Po river always represents the mirror of seriousness: we are now facing a stressful situation that as consequences on our planet as well as on different economy sectors.

The most affected area is, of course, PO valley, cradle of one third of all Made in Italy products.
The highest risk concerns pasta, tomato sauce, fruits and vegetables, and even corn, which represents feed for most of livestock involved in production of charcuterie and cheese.

Italian government and whole Europe are about to draw up a programme of measures to limit water consumption and to raise awareness on its consumption.
Indeed, European Commission defined 33 points concerning water to focus on: from coastline protection, to water re-use, floods prevention and management and Europe drought.

According to Legambiente association, collection of meteoric waters in cities together with waste waters from agriculture would save about 22 billions cubic meters every year.
It’s a global intervention aimed at storage and economy of water resources with few and easy steps.

Off-season high temperatures will lower water supplies and everyone has to take action in the best way.
Rain water management and storage must be done in appropriate containers, durable and suitable in different capacities.

Emiliana Serbatoi offers different solutions which can solve all needs: polyethylene tanks suitable for above or under ground positioning. These products are available in different capacities and shapes, vertical or horizontal, from 100 litres up to 60.000 litres.
Our tanks are easily washable, internally and externally with non-specific cleaners.

For higher capacity needs, Emiliana Serbatoi provides flexible tanks for storing few hundreds up to 500 cubic meters volume. Positioned on a flat and clear area they are perfect solution for long-term as such as easy-to-uninstall solutions.

The earth’s protection derives from our daily commitment and the right means of action.
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