Emiliana Serbatoi at Agritechnica: a special participation


Emiliana Serbatoi at Agritechnica: a special participation
CAMPOGALLIANO (ITALY) – The participation of Emiliana Serbatoi in Agritechnica 2019 is especially important for Europe’s major manufacturer of tanks and fuel storage tanks. For the Hannover agricultural machinery trade fair the Italian company is increasing the size of its stands built in the past, with the booth nr. D16 in the hall 3.
The expansion of the Emiliana Serbatoi stand was necessary for creating a stage for the presentation of the company’s latest products in the lines of fuel storage and refuelling tanks as well as those involving eco-compatibility. Emiliana Serbatoi, marking its 36th year at work, will spotlight products developed over past months and years for agriculture and other sectors during the seven days of the exposition’s run. Space will be allocated for the Emilcaddy and Carrytank transport tanks with capacities from 55 to 440 liters for diesel, gasoline and Adblue® as well as oil, included the special model “400+50” that combines the storage and the delivery both for diesel and Urea-based solutions. Moreover, at Agritechnica the firm will display the new line Carrytank® Pick-up, just launched and specifically designed to be easily installed into the back of a pick-up truck.
Of course these goods will be flanked by larger capacity tanks including the 960 liters polyethylene Hippotank for diesel transport, the 910 liters Traspo in steel for the transport of hazardous goods and the 3.300 liters polytank Giantank for the storage and the delivery of fuels and AdBlue®.
The volumes have also been enlarged for Tank Fuel for storage and dispensing diesel fuel, one of the Modena manufacturer’s bestsellers. On the front of fuel monitoring are the Emilprobe, a continuously monitored alarm system, and Emiltouch, for refuelling operations and management of the system, plus a wide range of private and commercial fuel distributors featuring the outstanding Es-Pump non-commercial pumps. Overall, Emiliana Serbatoi will highlight numerous products extending into the ecological line including the SE Eco Tank in compliance with norms on exhaust oil and sump pallets and cabinets for containing toxic and polluting contents.
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