Emiliana Serbatoi focuses on international approvals


Emiliana Serbatoi’s main objective is to offer the best solutions to customers, in terms of reliable, safe and effective products in its range of fuel tanks and storage systems. This is further achieved by following directions from the markets, thus by always paying the utmost attention to the needs expressed by the company’s commercial partners all around the world. On this avant-garde pathway, the synergies developed with the dealers and subjects present within the various local markets proves fundamental in supporting actions aimed at presiding over the international markets, thus allowing the company to be ready for and, indeed, even anticipate the solicitations and requests coming from the five continents.

Within this context, it is necessary to offer products and services that satisfy the main international certifications. It is precisely in pursuit of this goal that Emiliana Serbatoi has long been committed to ensuring that the research and quality control behind its products and the entire production chain maintain the same levels of excellence. For this reason, an entire company division is dedicated to monitoring the procedural stages so as to verify compliance with the established standards. Indeed, the Quality system is certified by the TÜV in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which informs and obliges companies regarding the strict standards to be met both in the company organisation and in the production process.

What’s more, Emiliana Serbatoi collaborates with various governments in a number of regions around the world, with regard to the fire safety of products utilised for storing diesel oil. There is also an ongoing alliance with international control bodies such as Bureau Veritas which, depending on the products, certify correspondence with the approval of products utilised for transporting dangerous and flammable goods and compliance with international standards.

Amongst the various international regulations and standards adopted is the UL 142, a US technical standard that defines the characteristics of above-ground steel tanks for storing flammable and combustible liquids. In addition to the United States where this standard has been adopted, it is also a requirement in other countries in order to sell products that are safe both in terms of use and for users. Additionally, ASIT certification certifies – also on behalf of the federal and cantonal administration of Switzerland – the safety features and correct functioning of the technical systems of certain models offered by Emiliana Serbatoi.

But also Homologation from Chilean Ministry of Energy, from Energy and Mine Ministry of Nicaragua and from Firefighters Body of Panama.

Naturally, the tanks and storage systems adhere to the various safety regulations of the product itself, starting with the Machinery Directive that ensures the electrical and mechanical safety of all products, which are certified by their CE marking. Application of this marking presupposes the necessary development of the technical file, manuals and safety tests.

Finally, the company is certified as a CRIBIS Prime Company, by way of recognition of the quality of the commercial and financial actions, as expressed by CRIBIS, a CRIF Group company specialised in the provision of commercial information on Italian and foreign subjects.
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