Emiliana Serbatoi is ready to face the challenges of 2022


The pandemic and the complex economic situation do not hold back Emiliana Serbatoi, who, on the contrary, intends to launch new products in 2022 and continue the path, in Italy and abroad, aimed at satisfying the needs of established and new customers ". This was stated by Gian Lauro Morselli, CEO of the Italian company from Campogalliano, making an assessment of the past year and taking the opportunity to look to the future.
How was 2021 for Emiliana Serbatoi?
"Last year, which was the 38th year of activity for Emiliana Serbatoi, was important not only for the business volumes generated, which were good, but above all for the commercial and technical action that characterized the usual dynamism of the company ".
Let's start from the technical point of view. A new tank has been launched on international markets, the Carrytank® 900 + 100.
“This is an important product that we have proposed after nearly three years of operational research and testing. It is a transportable combined tank for the transport of diesel and AdBlue® that allows you to refuel operational vehicles, for example agricultural or earth-moving vehicles, both with fuel and additive directly in the field. I emphasize that this is one of the very few tanks in the world, made of polyethylene, approved for the transport of fuel. But we don't stop here”.
What does it mean?
"The launch of the Carrytank® 900 + 100 demonstrates that the health emergency has not slowed down the action of the R&D department. And in 2022, as always, we will propose new products developed with the aim of intercepting the needs of international markets ".
In 2021, the company did not lack attendance fairs.
«No, and it is an important fact because the salons have always been a fundamental tool for our commercial action. Naturally, in light of the health situation, the events must be organized in maximum safety and the exhibitors themselves must comply with the anti-contagion provisions. With these premises, in the autumn we participated in world-class events such as Eima, the agricultural machinery fair, and more specialized events such as Ecomondo, the fair with a focus on sustainability and the circular economy. We also went abroad taking part for the first time in Pollutec, France, a high-profile event dedicated to the environment ".
How do you judge the fair experiences in this context influenced by the Coronavirus?
"Certainly positive, although, as expected, there was a decline in visitors of about 40%, mainly from abroad".
What if we think about digital?
"I start from the premise that Emiliana Serbatoi has been investing in digital for over 15 years, it is a frontier in which we intend to always be at the forefront. Having said that, certainly the digital mode of trade shows can complement the one in attendance, but it does not replace it. Furthermore, I believe that the platforms need further technical improvements also in terms of accessibility and usability ".
Has the world economic situation affected Emiliana Serbatoi?
"It is a fact that the entire year 2021 and, as expected, also the first months of 2022 are marked by a significant increase in the cost of raw materials, which for us are sheet metal and polyethylene, and of energy. It is not an easy situation and I guess there has been no lack of speculation. In any case, in the context of the seriousness that distinguishes our commercial action, we have "absorbed" the vast majority of these increases to prevent them from falling heavily on our customers in the form of significant increases in the price list”.
It was an important choice.
«I want to stress this: It was a choice designed for our customers, as always. A choice made with the dual objective, therefore, of maintaining our positions on the markets in which we are present and of continuing to grow, in Italy and abroad, by activating new relationships and possibilities. It goes without saying that we hope that 2022 will be as positive as 2021 ".
How did Emiliana Serbatoi deal with the Covid emergency?
«Maintaining maximum attention on anti-contagion measures. Therefore, by imposing compliance with the health safety provisions not only for employees but also suppliers, customers and individuals who have access to company plants ".
Meanwhile, new investments have been made in welfare ...
"Exactly, attention to welfare for employees, who are the real" pillars "of Emiliana Serbatoi, is a priority. In 2018 we launched an internal gym, a few months ago we inaugurated a padel court”.
A sport that is close to your heart ...
“Yes, I won't hide it, also because this discipline represents a metaphor for what happens in the company: team spirit is essential to win. Without a partner, you can't go anywhere, both in attack and defence. And then, an important detail, padel is played outdoors, therefore in safety, in compliance with the measures against the spread of infections ".
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