Emiliana Serbatoi launches a new product catalogue version 1.21


The summer of 2021 for Emiliana Serbatoi is marked by the new company catalogue, which comes almost two years after the previous version. In fact since a couple of days a new 1.21 edition is available, both printed version as well as the digital one on the web-site www.emilianaserbatoi.com.
At the heart of the new catalogue there is Carrytank® 900+100: launched in recent months, it is the most performing tank available on the market, entirely made of polyethylene, capable of storing and transporting in a combined and safe manner up to 900 litres of diesel and 100 litres of AdBlue®.
The tank is compliant with the directives of ADR (road transport), RID (rail transport) and IMDG (sea transport). The innovation of the Carrytank® 900+100 is “hidden” inside: the two combined tanks (diesel and AdBlue®) are designed, projected and tested to withstand the pressure created by the maximum amount of contained fuel.
But the news of the product catalogue 1.21 by Emiliana Serbatoi are not “limited” - so to speak - to Carrytank® 900+100. In the “Ecological Line”, in fact, the section of Emilsprayer has been improved, which are mobile tank designed for efficient sanitization of environments and surfaces, but also for nebulization of pesticides in agriculture. The range, proposed for outdoor use, is particularly suitable for cleaning and professional disinfection, with the use of detergents, chemicals and germicidal liquids. In addition, these tanks are suitable for the dispensing of plant protection products, herbicides and products for disinfestation, used in gardening and cultivation. The Emilspayer line offers capacities ranging from 55 to 980 litres.
Among numerous updates included in the document, there are also updates for Emiliana Serbatoi’s Tank Fuel range of dispenser-distributor tanks, with capacity ranging from 490 to 9.000 litres, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, for storage and delivery of diesel with containment basin at 110% of the geometric capacity: thanks to the installation of a new lock, in fact, these reliable tanks are now equipped with safer and more performing dispensing cabinets.
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