Emiliana Serbatoi reaches car-service application with Emiltrolley and Emilcaddy


Emiliana Serbatoi reaches car-service application with Emiltrolley and Emilcaddy
CAMPOGALLIANO (ITALY) – Emiltrolley and Emilcaddy, the newborns from Emiliana Serbatoi product range, are aimed at fulfilling the increasing demand for the handling and delivering of Urea in the Car Service industry.
Let's start with Emiltrolley, an important innovation in the automotive sector, but not only designed for car service applications. This trolley is an excellent and  ideal solution for the supply of Urea to cars since it is equipped with a 220V pump (flow rate: 30 l/m), 3m of hose and ZVA automatic nozzle (with built-in automatic flow adjustment to 5-10 l/m by means of a special included key).  The empty drum installed on Emiltrolley weighs 28 kg, has a width of 750 mm, 800 mm deep and 1100 mm high; it is also provided with top handle for easy movements, 4 puncture-proof wheels (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes), top relief valve and adjustable hook. The trolley can be also equipped with a different version suitable for the refuelling of heavy-duty operating vehicles in construction, mining, agricultural sites and trucks in general.
Emilcaddy, on the other side, is the car-service’s version of the well-known mobile polyethylene container successfully produced by ES, available also in petrol, diesel and lubricant versions. Emilcaddy car service combines the traditional benefits of the tank (top handle for easy grip and lifting, filling cap with air vent device, strong and resistance structure and materials) with a far-sighted and practical delivery unit equipped with DC 12V pump, 3m EPDM hose, fuel meter K24 (optional) and ZVA automatic nozzle with flow rate regulator to 5 – 10 litres per minute. An interesting opportunity for the refuelling of the new EURO VI light vehicles.
Together with launch of these new products, Emiliana Serbatoi confirms the commitment to provide innovative solutions for the car-service and automotive industry, focusing on the increasing market demand and use for Adblue and enriching its offer with Emiltrolley and Emilcaddy. Another challenge that underlines the international excellence of the company led by Gian Lauro Morselli in the production of tanks and systems for the safe and reliable storage, transport, delivery and management of fuels and liquids.
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