Emiliana Serbatoi “teamed up”: 38th birth in the sign of sport


The 38th anniversary of Emiliana Serbatoi, founded by Giancarlo and Gian Lauro Morselli on a hot early summer day, June 18th, 1983, is an opportunity to remind the company and all those who have joined in this journey that the well-being of employees remains a priority: in Emiliana Serbatoi, in fact, we want to take care of the women and men who work with passion every day to offer our customers the best products and the most efficient services.
In order to reach this goal, different routes are undertaken and, among them, sport is one of the most important. In facts sport is embedded in the company’s DNA, which led it to support numerous sports activities in Italy and abroad. It is therefore no coincidence that, on the occasion of the 38th "birthday", a happy news arrives: the padel field.
Why padel? Because women and men of Emiliana Serbatoi love this discipline, which is a metaphor of what happens in the company: victory is achieved not only through commitment, preparation, perseverance and ambition, but also and above all thanks to the collaboration among the team members. In order to play padel it is in face essential to "make a team". There is no other way to send the ball on to the other side of the net. A point at a time, to the finish line; playing, of course, in compliance with the security measures against the spread of infections.
The health authorities inform that, as a result of the population progressive vaccination, the most difficult phase of the pandemic is over and therefore, in the view of social reopening that characterize the "restart", one can get ready to open the new playground, always checking that everyone respects the anti-Covid measures, to guarantee maximum health safety of employees of Emiliana Serbatoi, as well as that of customers, suppliers, transporters and commercial partners that access the company’s plants.
In short, the battles, the sanitary ones but also the sporting ones, are won together: the synergy, that concept of "making a team", is a necessity. And it is precisely according to these principles that, from padel field to the working environment, in Emiliana Serbatoi one knows that without collaboration between the various departments, without intense work to build quality tanks, the company would have not become what it is now, 38 years after the foundation. If we did not focus primarily on the well-being of our employees, it would not be possible to dedicate so much attention to the customer satisfaction, favouring the relationship of mutual trust that every day, since that hot summer afternoon of 1983, pushes to give the best.
Ensure maximum professional and commercial seriousness, in the wake of those values that have helped build a strong identity based on shared values that have become a trademark - work culture, dedication, quality, link with the territory and the community - is, in fact, a priority.
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