Emiliana Serbatoi too was at Bauma Conexpo India


Emiliana Serbatoi too was at Bauma Conexpo India

DELHI (INDIA) – Emiliana Serbatoi too took part to Bauma Conexpo India, the international trade fair for construction machinery, building material and mining machines and construction vehicles that took place in the last few days in Delhi. In fact, the tanks and the systems for storage of the firm from Campogalliano were displayed at the stand of the dealer Gemini Power Hydraulics, an Indian factory that operates in the industry of constructions.

Moreover, some sales representatives of Emiliana Serbatoi were there too, with the purpose of presenting products of excellence like Emilcaddy, Traspo, Carrytank and Hippotank to customers, market players and visitors.

The indirect participation of the brand from Modena to the event of the Asian Republic has not been accidental: with more than five hundred millions workers, India is the seventh bigger economy in the world and a has an economic growth that is higher than the 7% per year. The country attracts important investments and constructions play a role on their own, with a contribution to the national Gnp that exceeds the 26% and that is predicted to grow more and more under the influence of the infrastructural relaunch of the country. This is the positive businnes atmosphere in which the exhibition was developed in India, a market to which Emiliana Serbatoi is very interested in the perspective of an international progression of export.

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