Environmental paints on metal tanks to respect the environment


Not the installation of a drying oven, which would have heavy repercussions in terms of environmental sustainability, but the use of high-speed drying water-based paints, starting with the "Emilian green" which has always characterized some of the most successful products. It is the conscious choice made by Emiliana Serbatoi for the painting of metal tanks, such as the Tank Fuel line dispensing tanks with 110% containment basin, in line with the green logic pursued by the company for decades. The adoption of a new topcoat, Inverpur/R, precisely fits this philosophy developed by the Inver laboratory during the Coronavirus pandemic. Inver is part of the multinational Sherwin-Williams company.
Synergy is the key point of an extensive technical study published in the November - December issue of "ipcm® International Paint & Coating magazine", which takes stock of the choices of the Italian company, emphasizing first of all its attention to environmental issues. The company’s commitment led in 2019 to the installation of a photovoltaic system in the Campogalliano di Modena headquarters, capable of ensuring the company's energy needs.
Going into detail, the choices on painting are oriented towards two purposes: on the one hand, guaranteeing the quality of the paint present on the products; on the other hand, in parallel, to reduce the timing of the processes necessary to complete the application cycle, or to reduce production and therefore delivery times. After the transition from solvent-based to water-based paints, different solutions have been evaluated in recent years that would allow the time required for drying products to be compressed at ambient temperatures (obviously subject to fluctuations).
As specified in the focus on "ipcm® International Paint & Coating magazine", the goal was to identify "paints capable of giving to the coating of products a high degree of resistance not only to the chemical agents of the fuels contained in the tanks, but also to severe atmospheric conditions to which the same products are subjected ". The decision to consider Inverpur / R was therefore inspired by this need.
But how does it work? From an operational point of view, after applying a double layer of primer, "the tank dries at room temperature and, subsequently, Inver's paint is applied. The process ends with drying in the cabin at room temperature helped, if necessary, by mechanical ventilation ". The cycle develops in 24 hours, a significantly short time, thus contributing to the ability and will of Emiliana Serbatoi to prove itself more and more competitive on the local and international markets.


M. Fumagalli, “Emiliana Serbatoi’s new water-based top coat halved drying times and increased production throughput”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine no. 72 (November/December 2021), pagg. 66-70
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