Gardening, what a passion! Taking care of the garden and promoting wellness


Gardening, what a passion! Taking care of the garden and promoting wellness
Some people dedicate themselves to home gardening, if they are lucky enough to have a space where trees or hedges grow.
Someone else found a green corner in the countryside, where escaping from traffic and the stress of the city. Others, are assignees of gardens or green areas of public authority, spaces to taking care of for indefinite periods.

Responsible attention towards environmental issues is being increasingly part of our society, characterizing behaviours even more "green" and addressing interests and habits.   
Especially during spring and summer, an increasing number of people spend their time in gardening activities, but also in rural spaces, making gardens, orchards and vineyards growing and blooming even more, special places in which to express their own personality.            
These are places that require care, commitment and equipment: it is therefore necessary to make the technical knowledge of garden tractors, lawn mowers, brush cutters, chainsaws, machines to make our green corner grow in the best possible way.

The fact that the hobby of gardening it is a real "boom" at international levels is proved by the market, also intensified by the effects of the health emergency: starting from the months of the lockdown, with a limited social life, we spend in our homes more time than before.
In this way gardening is an excellent solution for spending your free time. In fact, it is an activity that can be carried out even alone, in the context of one's own property, and which contributes to promoting personal well-being.
It is no coincidence that more and more people share this passion: among countries most interested, as stated by sector statistics, United States (also by purchasing of supplies through web), England, France, Italy and Germany.

To take care of a garden or green field you don’t need only machineries or tools, an essential player during this process is also done by Emiliana Serbatoi, whose products are perfectly suitable for garden activities.
Storage and refuelling tanks find, in fact, an adequate application in the necessary activity of refuelling of vehicles used for gardening, as well as forestry sector.
These are, in particular, polyethylene tanks designed and built for the fuel transportation, easily handled suitable for both professional and domestic use, always guaranteeing the reliability of the tank.

For these reasons we created the line called Emilcaddy, transportable polyethylene storage units for transport of diesel, petrol, oil and AdBlue® of 55 and 110 litres, and Carrytank, solid and light transportable tanks available for diesel, petrol and AdBlue®, equipped with fuelling system available in different options and capacities,  from 220 litres to the innovative 900 + 100 model which combines in a single product two tanks, bigger unit for Diesel (900 litres) and the smaller for AdBlue (100 litres).           
The wide "Ecological range" of Emiliana Serbatoi, is enriched by the cabinets for the storage of pesticides called Securfito. Securfito are safety cabinets and storage units made within the law; and the range Emilsprayer, dedicated also to the diffusion of chemical agents used in agriculture.

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