Adr regulation updated: also transportable tanks on the front line


Adr regulation updated: also transportable tanks on the front line

Also, shippers should have an Adr consultant, the European Agreement concerning the international Carriage of dangerous goods by road. This is a news of the 2021 update of the normative, adopted in the past weeks in Italy: the publication on "Gazzetta Ufficiale" of the decree by the Italian Ministry of infrastructures and transports, with which the specific European directive is received, has in fact started in our country the way for the adoption of the new version of the Agreement, whose regulations will be obligatory for Italian national transports from July 1st 2021. For international transports, instead, the new agreement has already been in force since January 1st.

Numerous are the news introduced by the Adr update every two years and, according to the last modification, that of 2019, the variations are minimal. Here are the main ones.

Management of infectious medical waste: introduction of Onu 3549 according to solid medical waste containing infectious material of Category A generated by the medical treatment of humans or animals.

Transport of lead batteries (with regulations for packaging);

Inclusion in Class 7 (radioactive) of Sco III (surface contaminated objects).

Transport of hydrocarbons, paints, perfumes, waste adhesives (Chap., with specific requirements for numbers Onu 3077 and 3082.

Transport of lithium batteries (chap., with the new special regulation “390” for numbers Onu 3091 “lithium metal battery contained in a device” and 3481 “lithium ion batteries contained in a device”; always for lithium batteries, the exemption of chap., according the Adr dispositions do not apply to storage and production of electrical energy devices (for example lithium cells, electric capacitors, asymmetric capacitors, metal hydride storage devices and fuel cells) on the condition that they are:

-installed in a vehicle that performs a transport operation and is intended for the propulsion or operation of one of its equipment;

- contained in equipment for the operation of such equipment or intended for use during transport (such as a notebook).

Accident report: now also the docker is obliged, in case of accident, to inform the competent authority.

Adr consultant: As it was said at the beginning, now also the companies active as shippers should mention this figure.


Adr, those first formulation goes back to 1957, defines also the ways of fuel transport - qualified as “dangerous goods”- and in particular the need that products which contain these flammable liquids, such as tanks of Emiliana Serbatoi, respect this normative. With this aim of respecting these regulations, in our catalogue there are many products for storage and transport by law of fuels realized and approved according to Adr normative.

Starting from the lower capacities, there is Emilcaddy, polyethylene tank for the transport of diesel, petrol and ethanol: it is available in models of 55 and 100 litres and presents the Adr approval; while the model of 110 litres is also available in the version of Adr total exemption, according to paragraph C of the same international normative.

Going up in volume, there is the Carrytank range, available in models of 220, 330 and 440 litres for diesel. These are polyethylene tanks for fuel transport which operates under the system of Adr total exemption. Also the 400+50 model, namely a single product combining two tanks for diesel (400 litres) and AdBlue® (50 litres), is under the system of Adr total exemption for diesel part. Instead, for those asking the corresponding Adr approved version of these transportable tanks, Emiliana Serbatoi proposes the model of Ctk range of 220 and 450 litres, always in polyethylene: they are suitable for the transport of diesel.

In the same way, the new Carrytank 900+100 is Adr approved: also in this case, two tanks - 900 litres of diesel and 100 solutions based on Urea - are “concentrated” in a single product. Moreover, also the steel tanks of the Traspo range (different capacities: of 250, 380, 450, 620 e 910 litres), suitable for the transport of diesel and petrol, are Adr approved; in the same way also the models of 330 and 910 litres of Traspo Inox range, realized in stainless steel and designed for Avio fuels.

Finally, for those who need higher capacities, there are Tankube (440 and 960 litres) and Emilcube (950 litres): they are metal tanks with total containment, Adr approved, suitable for the transport of diesel fuel. It has almost the same capacity of Hippotank (960 litres), made in polyethylene and Adr approved for diesel transport.

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