Fuel transport safety, the call of the American authority


Fuel transport safety, the call of the American authority
Use only approved fuel tanks". The call comes from the US Consumer product safety commission, the American commission for the safety of commercial products, after the singular event that only a few days ago affected the "Colonial pipeline", the network of pipelines that supplies the East Coast for almost half of the territory’s fuel needs, about 2.5 million barrels of oil products in the southeast of the United States. A hacker attack on the plants has in fact had the effect of slowing down the operation of the plants, springing in thousands of citizens a sudden fear of running out of fuel. This fear, in fact, not completely justified, it turned into a rush to the service areas with the aim of refuelling an adequate supply of gasoline...to avoid lack of fuel. And there have been cases of people who have even used simple plastic bags, an unusual system but, above all, extremely risky for themselves and for the community. The fuels, in fact, are qualified by regulations “as dangerous goods” and the transport of these highly flammable liquids responds to precise regulations finalized to ensure the safest transport inside suitable containers. Certainly not adequate trivial plastic shoppers.
The situation has appeared so serious that even the American authority, in fact, took action on the issue with two posts on the social network Twitter through which it was highlighted, bringing the issue to the attention of public opinion, the warning not to rely on "DIY" solutions.
"Don’t fill plastic bags with gasoline" and "Only use approved fuel tanks" are the contents of the tweets, re-posted by web users with numerous comments and "likes", suggesting therefore to rely on safe solutions only.
In this regard, safety in fuel transport is one of the milestones that inspires the production of Emiliana Serbatoi.
The Italian company presents a wide range of products, all complying with the stringent European (ADR), American (DOT) and international (UN mark) standards, such as, for example, those of the Carrytank® range. Available in models of 220, 330 and 440 litres (58, 87 and 116 US GAL) the Carrytank® are polyethylene tanks for the transport of fuel; the line is enriched by models 400+50 and 900+100, which offer the innovative combination in a single transfer unit of two separate tanks for Diesel (105 or 230 US GAL) and AdBlue®/DEF/UREA (13 or 26 US Lags).
In addition, for the models of 330, 440 and 400+50 litres (87, 116 and 105+13 US GAL) it has also been made the "pick-up" version, which is suitable for transport on vehicles of this type, particularly popular in the United States. This high-performance line increases further the versatility and ease of use of the range, allowing almost unlimited use for street supplies in both professional and leisure fields. Compared to traditional models, the Pickups have slender hips sides on the outside, to facilitate a comfortable installation at the wheel arches of the pick-up vehicles, and inside are equipped with baffles, to guarantee the stability of the vehicle when tank is half full.
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