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Not only diesel: water and adblue®

Fuel filtering at highest levels with new Emil-Filter


The Emil-Filter mobile unit, a new product by Emiliana Serbatoi, allows the customers to purify and clean fuel by separating water and impurities: this dual function is performed through two filtering systems (one in input and one in output from the pump) installed on a mobile cart, complete with suction and delivery hoses and equipped by an automatic nozzle. Emil-Filter, also complete with two puncture-proof wheels, has a tubular frame in red colour equipped with brackets to wrap the hoses, support for electric pump and spill containment basin.   

On request it is also possible to apply a bactericidal conditioner (model: PureFuel) which fights the creation of algae and bacteria present in the hydrocarbons and guarantees a minimum of 28 days of purified fuel from algae and bacteria. This additional filtration system allows all the other filters to keep working properly and prevents any corrosion of the tank and of the various components. And so the diesel filtering, available also version for gasoline and aviation fuels, can arrive at highest levels.

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