New delivery cabinet, more safety for tanks of the Tank Fuel line


New delivery cabinet, more safety for tanks of the Tank Fuel line
Better protection, better handling ability and efficiency, and also more attractive from the point of view of aesthetics. These are the main characteristics of the new lock installed on the cabinets which house the dispensing groups placed on Tank Fuel of Emiliana Serbatoi, the range of dispensing tanks-distributors, with capacity from 490 to 9 thousand litres, certified by the Italian Ministry of the Interior for the storage and dispensing of diesel with a containment basin of 110% of the geometric capacity. Since recently, these dispensing cabinets are equipped with a new lock, that has replaced the previous one that had the so-called “T” handle, which could be secured with a key. The new version presents a handle that can be folded in the cabinet, thus guaranteeing better handling for the user and significantly reduces the possibility of accidental damage of the handle during the transport of the tank. Moreover, the lock of the cabinet, which is now disconnected from the handle for security reasons, is protected from weather conditions thanks to a special lock-cover cap.

The Tank line is available in the capacities of: 490, 1.000, 1.300, 2.400, 3.000, 5.000, 6.000, 7.000 and 9.000 litres and all models comply with legal requirements required by Italian law introduced on November 2017.

These single-wall tanks, made of high-quality steel, available with both horizontal and vertical axes, can be equipped with traditional dispensers, with performance from 50 to 120 litres per minute, or with dispensers equipped with management systems; as well as with industrial meters (MID certified) connectable to various management systems.

In addition, among various options, there is a fuel monitoring system Emiltouch, which allows to oversee dispensing process and the probe Emilprobe, a real anti-theft device that is activated in the case of unauthorized use of the tank (for example intrusions by thefts), allowing also to verify the levels, potential presence of water and show the temperature of diesel inside the tank.

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