National Forestry Strategy: Forestalia under the spotlight


In the last year, attention to sustainability, due to energetic shortage, grew meaningfully and triggered many sectors, including forestry.

European frame is moving towards this green path by highlighting all aspects of agroforestry sector.

Italy, in this regard, put in place an individual National Forestry Strategy that promotes and enhance economic and environmental importance of this sector and prevents spoiling of forests and woodlands by humans.

In this context, National Forestry Strategy adopted come primary goals, compulsory for an environmental balance:
  • Recognise the forest heritage as resource and public good for our country and society, and introduce a development project aiming at a better “organisation and management of resources”, but also at protection and rebuilding of a strong relationship between forests and society;
  • Recognise and encourage sustainable forestry management in order to implement economic, environmental and society needs on territory in order to preserve forests and connected services;
  • Recognise the active contribution of forestry sector and its industry in pursuing international goal signed by Italian Government;
  • Identify a shared path for all actors which contribute to environmental defence.
According to this global and European mindset, Forestalia 7th edition, from 27th to 29th October, in Piacenza, turns out to be extremely relevant. The last edition of this forestry exhibition has summoned people and operators from more than 45 county and 9 Italian regions. A meeting created to see first-hand all solutions and working vehicles designed and to connect experts one another.
An occasion, even for Emiliana Serbatoi: its forty-year experience will take on stage the most suitable products for forestry sector, together with best-sellers and best solutions for environmental safeguard.
All actors involved in this event, dedicated to technologies and products for agroforestry activities, will work together for a bigger commitment in protection and preserving of woodlands, according to sustainability goals.
An event built to create a stronger and stronger feeling of effort for sector and industry professionals.
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