Oil&Gas: two souls for the same sector


Pipeline&Gas Expo starts tomorrow: the only European exhibition fully dedicated to the mid-stream sector, the power generation and the Gas, Oil & Water distribution networks. The venue is Piacenza Expo from 29th to 31st May 2024.

The technological evolution and AI and machine learning progress are bringing benefits to this sector: let’s take a look at how it happens. Predictive maintenance is one of the solutions to cut costs and improve intervention timing, always keeping in mind sustainability.
Innovative systems provided by AI are granting an average saving around 10-20% which hasn’t to forget the on-field issue: extreme situations, high security standards, perfect maintenance and materials integrity.
That’s here where Emiliana Serbatoi makes the difference: products range suitable for all Oil&Gas needs.

Wheeled portable tanks from 55 to 110 litres, polyethylene tanks like Carrytank 150 to our popular 900+100 combined diesel+Urea.
Together with these, Emiliana Serbatoi offers huge capacities for storage steel tanks: Tank Fuel from 490 to 9.000 litres, underground tanks and double-walled ones.

According to Oil&Gas concerns, one of the best solutions for security remains the containerized fuel station: composed of an ISO container, divided into two main compartments, one for tanks and the other for dispenser. Stations equipped for shipments by sea, 20 and 40’. Stations equipped for ground shipping, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 40’. It is possible to customize the containerized station with company’s stickers on both sides of the container.
Last but not least, management and monitoring systems are fundamental: in this sector, the leaks are to be watched out also thinking to efficiency of the tanks. Emiliana Serbatoi’s Emilprobe and Emiltouch are covering a wide range of needs: access tags, abnormalities alerts, real-time fuel monitoring and refuelling operation details always updated.

A pool of products for Oil&Gas market which will be on stage at Pipeline&Gas Expo, outdoor area F4/G1.

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