Polyethylene Samp Pallets
Flexible Tanks



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Ecological containment platforms, made in non-toxic roto-molded polyethylene, UV stabilized, with self-supporting structure for the storage of acids, saline solutions, oils, non-flammable chemicals and other fluids compatible with polyethylene. They are complete with galvanized steel grate which is removable to ease internal cleaning.
These sump pallets are stackable (only empty) and easily handled and moved with forklift through the dedicated pockets for the forks. These polyethylene sump pallets represent a cheap and reliable solution by respecting the environment and responding to the strictest ecological norms.
Available models:

VPF1IBCPEPG (photo 01):
Polyethylene grate with a steel renforcement
Capacity 1100 liters
1380x1280x1100h mm
Max load 1500 kg
VPF04PEPG (photo 02):
Polyethylene grate with a steel renforcement.
Capacity 450 liters
1280x1280x485h mm
Max load 1300 kg
VPF02PEPG (photo 03):
Polyethylene grate
Capacity 220 liters
1265x700x495h mm
Max load 500 kg
VPF01PEPG (photo 04):
Polyethylene grate
Capacity 120 liters
1240x840x230h mm
Max load 300 kg
VPFIBCPE (photo 05):
Galvanized steel grate.
Capacity 928 liters
1280x1280x850h mm
Max load 1500 kg
VPF04PE (photo 06):
Galvanized steel grate.
Capacity 464 liters
1280x1280x400h mm
Max load 1000 kg


VPF 1 SUPPORT (photo 07):
Support for horizontal drum.

VPF 1 IMB (photos 08-09):
Funnel with lid for drums of Ø 650 mm.
The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change without notice. Please check the specification with your local dealers. The color of the product might be affected by photography and the monitor's setting, which might be different from the real product.

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