Professional greasing with Emiliana Serbatoi


Professional greasing with Emiliana Serbatoi

Professional, fast and clean greasing: Emiliana Serbatoi presents two new products that solve the grease pumping's problem for professional use, designed primarily for automotive application, and for domestic use everyday too.

Professional lever grease gun EMIL-GREASE GUN has ergonomic non-slip grip and large rolled threads for fast & easy re-loading. Makes it easy to pump grease in confined areas with a small movement of the lever handle via variable stroke thank to this reliable device, that guarantees heavy duty and it works up to 8,000 Psi (550 Bar).

The quick lock grease coupler EMIL-COUPLER has been made with a revolutionary design with 6 unique contact points which facilitates the angled application too; it ensures a grease passage with maximum cleaning. The grease coupler guarantees clean pumping and it avoids graft failure during engegament and disengagement operations.

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