Sprint and safe boat supplies: don’t run dry in the waves


Sprint and safe boat supplies: don’t run dry in the waves
To supply quickly and safety the recreational vehicles is one of the main necessities that can introduce themselves to who, above all in the summer period, taking advantage of the long hours of light and the warm temperatures, after months of storage is finally ready to land in the water with your boat, whatever size and type it is, from jet skis and inflatables up to yachts with size up to 24 meters and beyond. Sailing the sea, on the lake or along the rivers does not make any difference; rather, what counts, for those who are preparing to take the helm, is the possibility of having an adequate fuel supply for navigation.
This is a priority, especially in those places where the regulators are not immediately available or, in any case, in any situation if the need arises, with the aim of not run dry between the waves.

Of course, it is also essential that the fuel transport intended for the boats tanks takes place in a regime of maximum safety, respecting international regulations - ADR, that regulates transports roads of dangerous materials; ADN, focused on inland waterway transport; and IMDG, for maritime transport-and avoid in the meantime any possible risk for itself and other water users.
That is why therefore this task is carried out by Emiliana Serbatoi tanks. Among the solutions proposed by the Italian company, in fact, there are also those designed for people who move on water and need fuel transport to supply recreational vehicles. The transport tanks made by Emiliana Serbatoi, in compliance with international regulations and with marking “UN” are in fact also suitable for nautical sector, thanks to easy handling of these products that have the international approval for the highly flammable fuel transport and that can be equipped with flatbed trailer (as for example, Speedy Tank). These are suitable solutions for the on-site vehicles supply in a fast and reliable way: firs of all, Emilcaddy plastic line composed by two models with capacities of 55 litres and 110 litres respectively, which thanks to the compact size and simple movement ensures easy handling and sprint supplies.
The Traspo line, metal Tanks approved for the fuel transport, is a solution for those who need largest volumes (from 250 to 910 litres; at the same time, the Traspo Inox models have a capacity of 330 and 910 litres). While Hippotank, a polyethylene tank also approved for transport diesel in compliance with ADR regulations, can accommodate up to 960 litres of diesel.
Finally, in addition to portable groups for transfer fuel and oils, included in comfortable cases (Petrol Kit, Diesel Kit and Oil Kit) and transportable anywhere, filter systems also appears among the various solutions designed by Emiliana Serbatoi to support the experience with recreational vehicles: they are real mobile units for the diesel purification and cleaning boat tanks, such Emil Filter.
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