Stolen fuel, technology to stop "diesel vampires"


Stolen fuel, technology to stop "diesel vampires"
Unfortunately, the unpleasant phenomenon of fuel theft from the tanks of companies all over the world knows no stop, a phenomenon that sees building sites, farms and road haulage companies mainly end up in the crosshairs. That of "diesel vampires" is a real business for crime since every month, as found by law enforcement, gangs of criminal’s raid thousands of tons of fuel for a "turnover" which is reflected in the international black market by several billion euros per year.
A real plague that damages thousands of companies, which, suddenly, find themselves emptied tanks from the fuel needed to power the company vehicles: the "protagonists" are unknown robbers who manage to penetrate the tank, even piercing it and then damaging it if necessary, with the aim of sucking the precious content to then reuse it or, worse, resell it.
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How to solve this problem? Solutions are different and it is important to get ready as soon as possible, so as not to risk nasty surprises: like that, for example, to open the company in the morning and to discover that thousands of litres of diesel are missing, for a loss of thousands of euros that will hardly be recovered....
There is someone who install a camera to take action of any intruders and that there are others who place a volumetric or perimeter alarm that detects movements within a certain area.
These are all valid solutions, but, Emiliana Serbatoi company, has done more, proposing a genuine security guard.
The Italian company, moreover, has launched the Emilprobe level probe, which can be installed on warehouses and storage tanks, which performs real-time monitoring of the liquid present in the tank, in the storage tank or in the storage system for private and business use and which can be controlled through a touchscreen screen as well as remotely from the smartphone.
Emilprobe, above all, is equipped with an alarm system that when it detects anomalies in fuel values sends SMS and e-mail to 5 telephone and 5 e-mail users, in order to be able to be updated immediately if there was an unexpected variation that can be connected to a theft.
If the alarm arrives in the night, for example, it’s easy to be tampered with, so you can be alerted immediately. And call law enforcement. However, when the variation of liquids occurs, the delivery system of the tank is blocked.
Emilprobe is equipped with a GPS module, that allows you to localize, through the free website, the real position of the tank where the system is installed and check in real time the status of the tank levels and fuel stock. In addition to that, the system can be connected to a pulser meter in order to record the litres delivered from the tank.
Also, through the website you can monitor in real time the levels of stock, make Emilprobe an efficient and effective fuel management system, enabling the plant supervisor to constantly analyse the fuel consumption and loads of the various tanks connected to the manager profile.
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