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Ideal solution for small refueling operations.
Steel tanks for Diesel fuel storage and delivery, homologated by Italian Ministry of Interior in accordance with Italian M.D. 19/3/1990 ( M.D. 31/7/34 Title I N. XVII and M.D. 19/3/90 and DCPST/A7/4984/AT/09189 dated 26/07/2007) and subsequent renewals and extensions.
Vertical cylindrical tank manufactured by using shell plates and dished ends made of carbon steel quality S 235 JR according to UNI EN 10025, watertight  electro-welded (submerged arc welding process), provided with base supports, primed with a rust preventing layer and finished with a layer of green paint.
Tanks are delivered pressure-tested and ready-to-use.

Main features:
  • Capacity:  490 litres
  • Diameter:  960 mm
  • Height:  1000 mm
  • Manhole: Ø 400 mm manhole with bolted cover and oil-gasket.
  • 3” lockable rapid coupling, with overfilling prevention valve calibrated at 90% of the tank geometric capacity.
  • 1½” vent with flame-arrestor mesh.
  • Mechanical level indicator.
  • Drain pipe complete with cap for maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Suction pipe equipped with check valve.
Containment Basin:
Made of carbon steel sheets, self-supporting base frame designed to be bolted to the tank’s bottom supports; it can be placed on any type of surface (even for permanent installation) and is designed according to the capacity of the tank and in compliance with the safety limitations set in the Ministerial Decree 19-03-90. It is provided complete with lifting plates, grounding connection point, drain plug for routine maintenance and cleaning and n° 4 housings suitable for fixing the uprights of the roof system. It is completely primed with a rust preventing layer and finished with a layer of green paint.

  • 50% Containment Basin = 1010mm x 1010mm x H 250mm
  • 100% Containment Basin = 1010mm x 1010mm x H 500mm
Protection roof:  
Roof system for protection against weather conditions, composed of a sturdy zinc-coated steel frame on which is fixed a self-bearing zinc-coated trapezoidal metal sheeting; it is designed to be easily and rapidly mounted and bolted to the Tank Fuel.

Dispensing unit - models:
TF 490 / CUBO 50 (pictures 1-2)
Tank Fuel 490 with metal CUBO 50 delivery unit equipped with:
  • Self-priming vane pump, fitted with bypass valve, mounted on antivibration supports. Mechanical seal.
  • Self-ventilated enclosed motor (IP 55), single-phase versions provided with heat protection.
  • Flow-rate (max): up to 56 l/min (Cube 50)  and 70 l/min (Cube 70).
  • Continuous operation at 230 V.
  • Noise level: below 70 dB.
  • Nutating-disk meter with mechanical readout system.
  • Flow meter accuracy: ±1%.
  • Speed: 2800 rpm
  • Power: 360 W (Cube 50) and 550 W (Cube 70).
  • 4 m antistatic flexible fuel hose (size  ¾ ") with automatic fuel nozzle.
  • Containment Basin
TF 490 / MAN (photo 3 - 4)
Tank Fuel 490 equipped with:
  • Self-priming rotary-vane manual pump.
  • suction filter
  • foot valve
  • mechanical level indicator
  • 3 m rubber hose with manual or automatic fuel nozzle.
  • On request: flow meter for manual nozzle.

Additional accessories (optional):
  • Protection Roof kit.
Documents & Certificates:
  • Use and maintenance manual.
  • Declaration of Conformity, accompanied by a copy of the Ministerial approval and a copy of the Ministerial decree 03/19/90.
  • EC conformity declaration of fuel delivery unit.
  • Fuel pressure Testing certificate
  • Calibration Table
The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change without notice. Please check the specification with your local dealers. The color of the product might be affected by photography and the monitor's setting, which might be different from the real product.

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