Two new products in the line Carrytank: diesel and AdBlue are now combined in the model "400 + 50"


Two new products in the line Carrytank: diesel and AdBlue are now combined in the model "400 + 50"
Diesel and AdBlue together in the same tank for a more efficient and effective transport and delivery. An innovate and visionary new product, launched by Emiliana Serbatoi, is now part of of Carrytank line: the version "400 + 50", together with "330", was previewed to Bauma’s visitors and it looks to have a massive impact on the market.
At the beginning of April, during the internationally leading exhibition in the field of construction and earth-moving equipment taken place in Munich, Emiliana Serbatoi lifted the veil on a product designed and manufactured to meet the needs of users for the refuellings directly on working sites. Carrytank 400 + 50 is a combined tank for the transport of Diesel and AdBlue, born from the long-term experience of Emiliana Serbatoi on this specific product, which has been successfully proposed in different capacities (from 220 to 440 liters) so far. It has been learnt by customer feedbacks that not only Diesel but also Adblue will become a primary necessity for users in the near future. As a consequence, it was designed a system that could meet both demands. This was the genesis of the tank which serves two purposes: most of the space is given to diesel fuel, 400 liters, while Adblue is contained in a 50-liter removable tank which is very easy and handy to use.
AdBlue container can be easily extracted from the tank body and becomes transportable. With few movements the convenience of having the storage of both liquids is guaranteed and diversified by the use of different colours. Both tanks are equipped with a pump with hose and nozzle for an independent dispensing but not undervaluing the safety and efficiency which always mark Emiliana Serbatoi’s products. The company has already filed (and have been accepted) the application for Italian patent and the registration for Community design.
Last but not least, Emiliana Serbatoi, leading manufacturer in Italy and beyond located at a walking distance from the beginning of Brennero highway,  has exhibited at Bauma another new and interesting product: Carrytank 330. Developed in the wake of the "big brother" of 440-liter capacity, this innovative model enriches the range by offering customers an additional option to the 220 liter version, especially for the transport on pick-ups. This intermediate solution, available in several different configurations depending on customers’ needs, is aimed at  fulfilling the requirements of users for a prompt response on the transport of fuel.
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